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Omar Algenii began his professional career as graphic designer in 1994.
He immediately started working with some of the most prominent graphic design studios and advertising & communication agencies in the provinces of Teramo and Ascoli Piceno. In 1999 he began to work for Proel S.p.A., serving for eight years as head of the graphic design division integrated in the marketing department of the Abruzzo-based company. During these years he specialized in photographic lighting at the end of a course organized by Image Consultant in Milan and completed a Non-Tertiary Degree Advertising Practitioner course in Milan on the Italian Association of Advertising Practitioners (TTP - Tecnici Pubblicitari professionisti).

Since 2003 he has improved and refined his photographic skills,  blending all his different experiences and reaching the professional  status of a photo designer, a professional who can create, produce  and perfect an image for different purposes and is also able to design operational marketing support instruments. In recent years he has been working mainly on several even large advertising campaigns, below the line promotions, brand identity and packaging design.

In 2006 he began to publish his pictures on a European web site hosting the works of photographers from all over the world. The enthusiastic reactions of colleagues and photography lovers made him quickly earn a prominent place in the site’s virtual gallery. He was later invited to take part in two collective exhibitions, one of them taking place in the wonderful historical centre of Spoleto, during the ”Festival dei Due Mondi”. The exhibition was titled ”Il Linguaggio degli Occhi” (The language of the eyes) and included over 50 authors from all over Italy. In July 2006, at ”Musincanto”, a music event held in Castelrotto, near Verona, he displayed his works in a solo exhibition titled ”Le Forme del Suono”: a series of photographic shots telling the sweet euphony of ”sounding” images, which will be included in the first book of the collection ”I Racconti Della Luce”. The artist’s natural inclination, his personal passion for imaging, led him to experiment new shooting techniques, combining his light control ability, even under daylight conditions, to the possibility of polishing, retouching and ”playing” with images with the unique, wonderful and sometimes visionary aim of finding the perfect shot.

In July 2007 he established Photograficamente, a photographic design agency whose mission is to produce images and projects to support marketing and communications. Moreover, Omar Algenii’s desire to narrate the world through light has led him to create medium and large art images where the use of colour, the enhancement of details, the magic of reflection effects and the emotionality of tones fill the works with strong emotions which, as if by virtue of a mischievous cause-effect relationship, are transferred to the viewer who is able to appreciate each unique, intense aim. Images of landscapes, sunsets, but also of empty stalls, cliffs battered by raging waves, benches abandoned to the whispering wind and the warm sunshine, somehow become pictures painted by light. The second book of the collection ”I Racconti Della Luce”, called ”Giocando con il Sole” (Playing with the Sun), which will include images taken in different parts of the world only under daylight conditions, is expected to be released in 2011.

In 2013 Omar decides to leave Italy to start a new adventure overseas, an adventure who gets start in Hog Kong, the city where he will set-up, some month later, his new Headquarter. During this period, he start collecting severals new commitments from companies from all over the world. Particularly interesting for Omar is the cooperation with PRV Audio Brazil who’s will lead him to join the company as communication and marketing consultant in 2014. This cooperation, started in Hong Kong, will be ended up several month later in the PRV Audio branch company in Fort Lauderdale, USA, where, once all the foreseen tasks have been accomplished and succeeded, Omar will decide to move back in Hong Kong to follow his main target to enhance and reinforce his HK company. Today Omar keep moving continuously among Italy, Hong kong, USA, China and united Kingdom, with the purpose to deliver his services alongside his knowledge to all those companies who will require it. Ad so far, it seems this adventure is still only the beginning.


One title. Three emotions.
Viewing, reading, listening to a picture.

In ”LE FORME DEL SUONO” (The Shapes of Sound) you can experience the passion and love the artist pours in each single snapshot, in each intention immortalized through an image, in each word masterfully shaped to convey an emotion: his, ours.It is by chance that I met Omar Algenii, by choice that I instinctively embraced his art project.
”I would like to be an instrument of light to immortalize the soul of what I see; I would like that light itself could tell its tale through my images”. The artist’s words easily explain why his potential idea has come to life in the collection ”I Racconti della luce” (Light’s tales) where the shapes of sound are the protagonists of the stage: the sinuosity of a metal body or a taut string, the sublime elegance of a recently caressed piano, the sensuousness and power of a face streaked with sweat. Here they are: ”Carezza blue” (Blue caress), whose suffused colouring conveys the gesture’s softness; ”Gioielli diversi” (Different jewels), a snapshot depicting the poetry of an impeccable still life; ”Fragments of soul”, perfect example of an artist who can not only ”see” a feeling but can also successfully interpret it through photography. Emotion, a vibrating feeling travelling through unexplored dimensions, untold symphonies willing to explode in an image, words taking shape to be seen and listened to. That’s what Omar Algenii’s photo design work conveys. His aim is photographing the soul of an object which becomes subject, photographing the togetherness of musicians united by a common goal: giving form and shape to sound. The warmth of the woods welcomes us in the first pages to reach, through the suspension of gestures and bodies, the harmony of the winds, brilliantly depicted in ”Le forme sognanti di un sax” (The dreamy shapes of a sax). Smart and unique is the author’s decision to blend visual art and word magic to provide a subtle key for interpretation and, above all, to surprise and reproduce, by means of a modern alliterative language, the electric shock pervading anyone who approaches a work of art or watches an image. On one side, the creative emotion bursts in - the one leading to invention, fantasy, discovery -, an emotion belonging to the artist who reads reality and transforms it into shapes, colours and words communicating with each other. On the other side, there is the emotion of the beholder who reinvents the work through ever new perspectives and a feeling instinctively different in its manifestations.”LE FORME DEL SUONO” (The shapes of sound) therefore materialize in the successful attempt to harmonize different communication forms: images, words, music, the latter being brilliantly represented by world-renowned artists who have composed new and previously unheard pieces, each of which is inspired from a snapshot. The musical project, coordinated by M° Renzo Ruggieri, has resulted in a collection of unique and exciting pieces which half-reveal the ethereal face of the creative path's inspiring muse.I believe that the tinkling of the plectra hovering in the air may represent and synthesize the personality of the one who immortalized them in a photograph.On the other hand, you can read in the book that what is important is ”letting go...” because what is left ”is the love for what matters”. Omar Algenii really managed to do that and the result is artistically excellent.

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