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photography session and gaphic design - December 2011
Customer: Mivv - Delivery: World Wide

Photograph session
Graphic Design

For Mivv S.p.A. i accepted a very vibrant task. At the begin of December, exactly 14th December 2010, Mivv marketing manager asked me to arrange, produce and issue 13 images who's gonna be used as Mivv calendar 2011. Those pictures would have to depict 13 motorbikes, with Mivv exhausts's set-up, with 2 "Mivv girls" in 13 different scenes. All this within the end of December. So, i decided to accept this task proposing to the Mivv's mkt management to arrange photograph sessions directly in  my shooting room, on grey background and then setting the required landscape background in post production, explaining in that way we would save lots of time,  smoothly going to the final goal, within the scheduled deadline. So we did. We arranged one unique, long photograph session day and then we applied 13 different backgrounds to the picture occurred, in post production.
Following a selection of my favourite "months" from Mivv calendar 2011.

So, enjoy the silence. Listen to an image.

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