Bestraders L.t.d. - Hong Kong
TV commercial

advertising campaign - May 2014
Customer: Betsraders L.t.d.- Delivery: World Wide

Bestraders - ADV campaign
Rebranding campaign

For Bestrades Hong Kong i realised a TV commercial to celebrate the company commitment in delivering the best quality possible in whole their production.This was one of the first communication action related to the rebranding campaign we agreed to work on. In fact, in that same period, i designed the whole new brand concept currently set on.

A TV commercial who can testify the history of the company, the devotion of its people, the loyalty to the customers and the responsibility the team accepted to commit since 1991.
The video is a low budget Tv commercial.It has been entirely filmed in-house with my own equipment + some clip i download from video stock website.The overall video cost does not overpass 600 US$.

For this video i took care of:Screenwriting/copywriting/Storyboarding/lighting/photography/
filming/editing (Premier + Photoshop)/post production

and finally i applied voice over by my own.