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Made in Italy since 1975. Creative since 1995.

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a glance on my creative world

I am Omar Algenii and I am so glad you are visiting my website.
I am an experienced and versatile designer, a high caliber photographer and a communications specialist.

Italian by birth, I am currently based in Hong Kong.
Since the start of my career, i have been involved in multiple projects across companies and agencies of varied disciplines, beginning in Italy and spanning countries such as the USA, South America, Europe, China and, last but not least, now Hong Kong.

My multidisciplinary design skills allowed me to serve in different positions, starting out as a communication and marketing specialist, art director, creative director, senior graphic and concept designer. With 20+ years of design expertise gained on a wide range of tasks and projects for medium and large businesses, agencies, personalities and brands, it is my vision to lead corporates and start-ups in finding new and meaningful ways through awesome design and creative photographic techniques.

I am eclectic, curious, determined and methodical, constantly seeking to improve and broaden my creative skills.




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